Class lists

Your class lists are accessed through Staff Online Services. Note that the “Staff Kiosk” which was previously used to generate class lists is in the process of being phased out and the reports generated from the kiosk may not be accurate.

When you log in to Staff OLS you will see the option on the left hand side under “Academic” to view class lists. When generating your list you must ensure that you choose the correct term.

Explanations of the registration codes used by SAS can be found here. The two codes which mean that students are registered in your course correctly are PR – Pre Registered, which is valid until the deregistration date (end of teaching week 10), and RE – Registered which is valid throughout the semester.

You must periodically check your class lists throughout the semester to ensure that students are correctly registered. This is important at the beginning of semester to ensure that everyone has enrolled correctly and will be invoiced for the course. It is also important after the deregistration date to ensure that you are not spending time and resources accommodating students that have not paid.

Registration Regulation 12 of the USP Calendar states that students that do not pay their fees by the due date (week six) “shall not… use any of the facilities of the university or attend lectures, tutorials or laboratories” in addition, students that do not pay their tuition fees and late fee by the deregistration date (teaching week ten) “shall not be assessed for the course(s), nor allowed to attend lectures, tutorials or laboratories, nor to submit coursework for assessment, nor to sit the final examinations) in that semester.” We rely on teaching staff to ensure that this section of the regulation is enforced.

Note that only subject codes currently in use are available as class lists, even for previous semesters. If you are looking for historical data on your class lists and the course does not appear, please contact the Student Data Team.

If you require any clarification or are having trouble accessing your class lists, please contact SAS. If there are any students that are not on your lists but insist that they should be, they should be referred to SAS immediately.

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