BA Communication & Media Orientation 2024

New students on BA Communication & Media … Please attend one of the two orientation sessions for this programme during Week 2.
You will meet other students, find out more about the programme structure, choose your specialist subject courses, and make sure you are registered on the correct courses this semester.
Important! If you are currently registered for JN101, LN111, MG101 and either UU100 or UU114, you are probably NOT registered for the correct courses! Come to the orientation session to get advice while you still have time to change your registration.
The orientation sessions are:
  1. F2F at Laucala: Monday 4 March at 2pm in 019-104b (lower ground floor of the SPACE building)
  2. Online via Zoom link… (Please use this zoom passcode if prompted: Ptz6*BSr#) Wednesday 6 March at 1pm Fiji time
For further information about the programme and the specialist subject courses, please visit where you can download the programme planner.
BA Communication & Media Orientation 2024
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