Why Study Journalism?
Journalism is an extraordinary profession. It relies upon your unflinching pursuit of truth and your ability to synthesize events for a public who rely on your skills. As a journalist you will have access to newsmakers across society whether politicians, community leaders, sports stars, celebrities or ordinary citizens speaking out. Being a journalist is having a front row seat to history whether breaking news on civil emergencies, political scandals, sporting events or important public policy discussions.

USP Journalism is uniquely positioned to offer students practical production outputs in getting students ready for the demands of the industry. All teaching and assessment centres around our media assets including our newspaper Wansolwara, Radio Pasifik 89.4 FM and Wansolwara online. Students will be taught how to write stories for print, online and broadcast; learn production skills for broadcast, television and documentary filmmaking; understand the application of journalism ethics in different contexts; master design skills in online and digital journalism; and apply research methods for journalism and academic contexts.

Our program has forged partnerships with leading media players in the Pacific and our graduates are shining examples in the fields of journalism, public relations and government/NGO communication. Our students stellar work in mobile journalism in reporting climate change in the Pacific was recently featured on France 24.

Journalism Degree/Diploma in Pacific Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism as a single major consists of nine core courses. Students may also pursue journalism as part of a double major, with eight journalism courses, in conjunction with programs as diverse as Language and Literature, History and Politics, Tourism, Management, Geography, Education, Sociology, Psychology and Economics among others.

You can also study Journalism as part of the BA in Communication and Media. See further information here.

The Diploma in Pacific Journalism is designed for working journalists, communication and media professionals looking to gain an academic qualification and further develop their range of skills. The diploma consists of twelve courses, six in journalism and four core USP courses in ethics, writing, computing and Pacific studies. In second year students can specialize in either print and online, radio or television journalism.

All of our graduates will have proven industry-ready skills and abilities in ethical journalism.

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