Industrial Work Experience

The aim of the Module is to immerse students into a representative working environment where they can gain practical experience alongside established and professional industrialists.

Workshop practice provides an avenue for engineers to hone skills inside the workshop to support practical work in courses as well as in the industry.

Students are expected to have attained adequate general skills to safely and efficiently operate machinery to complete tasks on time. In addition, students are expected to become proficient in first aid and occupational health and safety before advancing to Industrial Attachment.

Students would undergo four modules:

Module No:

Module Name


Basic Circuit Building Techniques


Metal Workshop Practice 1


First Aid Training


Civil Engineering Workshop

This module, on completion will be able to give students skills and abilities to:

  1. Define health and safety standards and procedures.
  2. Manufacture/construct to a specification or an engineering drawing.
  3. Test practical skills through experimentation and verification of engineering concepts.
  4. Demonstrate professional behavior in the workplace.

The Civil Engineering Department has identified and will train students in key civil engineering components that are essential to know before field work participation.


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