Cloud Storage Services

IT Services currently offers online cloud storage services for students and staff. It is essential to note that these services are only active while your accounts are still valid with the institution.

  • Student Google Cloud – Hosted on the internet
  • Staff Mana Cloud – Hosted within USP.
Student Google Cloud

As a student of the university, you are provisioned a GMail Account for your emails which also entitles you to using Google Drive for storage of your files.

  • Each Student get 15 Gig of storage space.
  • There are no backup services for Google Drive so if files are deleted, IT Services cannot retrive this data.
  • If a student has left the institution and their accounts are inactive for more than six (6) months, your account will be deleted following which all your files within your Google Drive will also be lost.

For more information about the other benefits of Google Drive, please visit their support site.

Staff Mana Cloud

As a staff of the university, we have established a online web storage service for uploading documents and files. These services are hosted within the institution and can be used to share files and folders to other staff or publicly via a shared link.

The following governs allocation of this service for all staff:

  • Storage Allocation
    • Each staff get 20 Gig of storage space.
    • This cannot be increased unless approved by Director IT Services.
  • Document Sharing Mandatory Fields
    • All sharing requires a password for security.
    • All link sharing will be a minimum shared period of seven (7) days which can be adjusted by each staff.
  • Security and Backup
    • All files added to this repository will be scanned as a safeguard against malware and other security threats.
    • All files uploaded to this reposiotory will be backed up weekely as part of our backup strategy to ensure files can be recovered if required.
  • File Permanent Deletion
    • Files will be removed if a staff has manually deleted such files.
    • Once a staff has exited the institution, accounts that are invliad will be removed following which all files from your cloud storage will be deleted.

To access your cloud storage service, please use the following:

USP Chat Service
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