Information Technology Services Online Forms

Please submit completed forms to the Staff Helpdesk via helpdesk(at)

  • Service Request Form
    • Email account request for visitors.
    • Changing existing “Username” for USP staff
    • Staff kiosk access for USP staff.
  • All Banner Request Forms
  • Change Request Form
    • This form is to be used to handle any changes carried out by IT Services.
  • Licensed Software Form
    • If you need software as listed under the licensed software page then please fill in the form above.
  • PC Relocation Form
    • This form is intended for staff that wish to have their PC’s moved to a different location.
  • Professional Training Form
    • This form is used for the professional training conducted by IT Service and more information can be found by visiting the Professional Training webpage.
  • Project Request Form
    • Need an automated system to be built by the IT Service Team.
    • What requests classifies as a project?  Go to the Projects page under “Other Services”.
  • Staff Owned PC’s Form
    • If you need your personal PC, which you currently use for University work, registered to our internal network, please use the link above.
  • Special External Access Form
    • Approval for outside network access to USP computing resources will be based on the following criteria:
      • The connection is required for University business/research.
      • The connection does not represent an unnecessary security risk to the University Network.
    • When the connection has been approved in principal, firewall access will be granted when the following have been completed:
      • The machine is properly registered with Information Technology by filling out the Special Firewall Access Request Form at URL and sending it to the ITS.
      • The target machine passes a vulnerability assessment performed by the ITS. This assessment consists of remotely scanning the target machine for common problems that could result in a security risk.

Please submit completed forms to the Student Helpdesk via helpdesk(at)


  • Software Installation Form (Semester basis)
    • For special software required for your course, please use the form above.
    • Please ensure you select the labs you wish for the software to be installed into.
    • Also, ensure that during the testing period of the software installation, you make yourselves available for ensuring the installation is to your expectations.

Please submit completed forms to Helpdesk. Click here for contact details.

  • New Telephone Service Form
    • Need a telephone, digital or analogue?
    • Need your fax machine operational, then use the link above.
  • New PIN (Full Service Access) form
    • Need access to make external calls that have been block on your phone, then use this form to request for a PIN.
    • PIN numbers are subject to the approval of your Department Head.
  • Change User Details/Relocation form
    • Need to change the name associated to your phone extension, then use the form link above.
    • Moving to a new location and need your telecommunication service take with you, use the form above.
  • Cancel Telephone Service form
    • Is a user leaving and you need the service to his or her line cancelled, use the link above.
    • This also applies to other services such as facsimile and PIN number cancellation.
  • Other Misc Telephone service form
    • If you are having any other problems that are not described above, please use the link above.
    • This also includes problems to do with telephone programming.
  • For more information on how to use the form, or on the SOLS Billing Systems, please click here.

Note – Please ensure you enable “Word Macros” for the form above.

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