Unified Communications (UC)

The University currently uses Unified Communications to facilitate all calling services within the institution.

Unified Communications is the integration of enterprise communication services such as Voice over Internet Protocol, Voicemail, Instant Messaging, Presence, Mobility and Directory Search as its primary functions. This is then further extended with additional functionality for video conferencing services.

Unified Communications is about communicating from anywhere, any time and from any device.

The University uses the Cisco Unified Solution within its operations to provide services for our users. The Cisco Collaboration Platform has repalced the traditional PBX hardware with the following key critical technology improvements.

  1. Enterprise Telephony: An on premise virtualised cloud-hosted PBX based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager for full- featured, enterprise-grade IP telephony for any size organization.
  2. Unified Communications: Enjoy voice and video calling, mobility, instant messaging, and presence on any desktop or mobile device with Cisco Jabber.
  3. Conferencing: Add WebEx Meetings and Webex Teams to your HCS solution. Engage your co-workers, customers, and partners. Experience better meetings with high-definition video and screen sharing.
  4. Contact Center: Run your customer engagement center completely in the cloud and create differentiated omnichannel customer experiences by adding Cisco HCS for Contact Center.
  5. Endpoints for every occasion: Select from a wide range of Cisco IP phones to suit any requirement, and choose award-winning desktop and room systems that can transform your workplace.

You can find more information on the Cisco Unified Communications Website.

The Unified Communications platform now includes the following features which has been deployed as an initial service to all users. Please note that there are other services that will be deployed once rollout has concluded.

  • Handsets & Soft Clients – Users can either get a physical handset or get their services via a Jabber Client running off their Windows, Android and Apple iOS devices.
  • Roaming Charges – The new platform will eliminate the need for roaming charges as all calls will require mobile data services.
  • Collaboration – Greater collaboration capabilities between campuses providing extension to extension based calling for all users.
  • Equipment Reduction – Significant reduction in the hardware footprint, thus reducing real state requirement’s such as power, cooling, battery backup requirements.
  • Voicemail Improvements – Voicemail delivery notifications to emails and also to Jabber Clients.

Service Provisioning

As the Unified Communications is heavily dependent on licensing requirements, the following criteria is used for service provisioning:

  1. Windows & Macintosh WebEx Client – All Full Time Staff automatically qualify for telephone services within the institution. Contact IT Service helpdesk to get your service provisioned – helpdesk(at)usp.ac.fj
  2. Android & iOS WebEx Client – Only users with University issued Smartphones are entitled to get access to these services. If you have a Smartphone issued by Finance, IT Service can provision this service.
  3. Handsets / Physical Phones – As there is a cost associated with the purchase of the physical handsets, you will need to seek approval from your Hea of School / Head of Deprtment to pay for the handsets.

Calling Services

  1. City Based Calling – All staff will be given access to make extension-to-extension, emergency and city based calls. e.g. For staff is Suva, you can call within the Eastern division.
  2. National Calling – This includes all the access of City Based Calling plus national and mobile calling access.
  3. International Calling – This service includes all access to make calls including internal calling services.

Access for National an International Calling services must be approved by your Head of School / Head of Department as well as the Director Finance. Please note that there are financial implications involved which will be charged to the appropriate department.

Cisco Webex Teams down? Current problems and outages. | Downdetector

Cisco WebEx

Cisco Webex is a software based client that can be installed on Windows, Macintosh, Android and iOS.

Read more about WebEx – https://www.webex.com/


Cisco 3905 – The Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905 includes the following features:

  • Single-line IP phone with support for up to two concurrent calls.
  • Graphical 128 x 32-pixel monochrome display with a two-way navigation button.
  • Full duplex speakerphone for flexibility with hands-free communications.
  • Fixed keys for common telephony features: hold, redial, transfer, and mute.
  • Foldable, single-position display stand to simplify wall-mount deployments.
  • Download Cisco 3905 Manual


Cisco 7811 – The Cisco IP Phone 7811 includes the following key features:

  • High-resolution, graphical grayscale display for easier viewing.
  • Dedicated fixed keys** for increased efficiency.
  • A built-in speakerphone for hands-free communications.
  • Wideband for enhanced audio, supported with an optional wideband handset.
  • Download Cisco 7811 Manual

Cisco 7821 – The Cisco IP Phone 7821 includes the following key features:

  • Two-lines deliver more efficient call handling.
  • High-resolution graphical grayscale display makes viewing easier.
  • Dedicated fixed keys* ease communications for increased productivity.
  • Built-in speakerphone supports hands-free communications.
  • Wideband audio enhances clarity with the handset, speaker, or a headset.
  • Download Cisco 7821 Manual

Cisco 8845 – The Cisco IP Phone 8845 can help you increase personal productivity through powerful and easy-to-use user experiences. It combines an attractive new ergonomic design with 720p HD video and wideband audio for crystal-clear video and voice communications and “always-on” reliability.

Other key features of the phone follow:

  • The Cisco IP Phone 8845 offers a 5-in. high-resolution (800 x 480) widescreen VGA backlit color display.
  • 720p HD two-way video (encode and decode).
  • The phone supports a built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch for your PC connection.
  • An optional wall-mount kit is orderable as a spare part for customers who want this capability.
  • Download Cisco 8845 Manual

To install WebEx, please download the WebEx software using the following link – WebEx Installer

Following the manual below:

  1. Windows 10 and Above
  2. Apple MacOS
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