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IT Services, while trying to provide wide area connectivity, has also ventured into provide wireless connectivity for its students and staff which is slowly expanding to the our remote campuses. Provided users have the necessary requirements, a user should be able to get access to both Intranet and Internet services as provided by the University online..

Wireless services are available to staff and students of the University and users are required to have a valid active account. The University also provides a Guest wireless service for visitors that can be requested via our IT Services Helpdesk Team.

There are some requirements that are needed by end user devices before connecting to the University Wireless Service:

  • All Windows & MacOS Laptops must genuine licensed operating system.
  • All Windows & MacOS Laptops must support WPA2 Enterprise.
  • All Windows & MacOS Laptops must have a valid Anti-Virus Application.
  • All Windows & MacOS Laptops must have the latest Service Packs & Security Patches.

The above requirements ensures that all user experience of the service is not impeded or disrupted. Below are the wireless signals (SSID) that users can connect to while at the University.

Detailed Requirements

  • Staff & Students: USP-WiFi
  • All Visitors:          USP-Guest-WiFI
  • Eduroam


Wireless Coverage

Wireless Services – Laucala, Lautoka, Labasa, Kiribati, Samoa, Solomons, Tonga, Tuvalu, Nauru & Vanuatu

All services as available through the local LAN is now also available through the wireless services, though the student wireless would have the same restrictions as the machines in the labs. For location of our Wireless Hotspots (?), please refer to the map below.

For assistance please contact the Helpdesk.

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 Fiji – Laucala Campus


Kiribati Campus


 Samoa Campus

 Solomon Islands Campus


 Vanuatu Campus

To accommodate for the wireless needs of users and their mobility within the premises, there is a need to ensure the roaming services are operation for student. Below are images depicting the wireless zones within Laucala Campus and should you have any issues, please ensure you relate the zone to our helpdesk team.

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Support Process

  1. Identify the zone from which you are having problems.
  2. Ensure you obtain the device model and operating system.
  3. Contact the IT Services Helpdesk on 32113 or email to helpdesk(at) concerning your connectivity issues
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