Plenary 1:Presentation:Our USP-Being Present & Seen to be & Impacting in Our Pacific… – Professor Unaisi Nabobo Baba

Presentation 1: Mapping RSD-Informed Marking Criteria to USP Graduate Outcomes In Undergraduate Courses – Shazna Buksh and Heena Lal

Presentation 2: Scaffolding Research Skills – Impacts Rosiana Kushila Lagi

Presentation 3: Moving into the Mainstream: Embedding Research Skills Within A Core Academic Course – Fiona Willans, Ralph Buadromo, Tilisi Bryce, and Rajendra Prasad

Presentation 4: Nurturing Self-Regulated Learning for Research Skill Development Within an Online Postgraduate Course – Keith Morrison, Heena Lal, and Moleen Monita Nand

Presentation 5: Connecting Pacific Peoples’ Research Mindedness with Employability Skills – Sue Bandaranaike and John Willison
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Presentation 6: Engaging Pacific Collection Staff in Showcasing the Collection’s Rich Resources to Enhance a More Learned Pacific Community – Gwen Rounds

Presentation 7: Preliminary Results: Effective Use and Integration of Technologies in Support of Flexible Learning at The University of the South Pacific – Evan Naquilevu, Flora Bentley, and Nitendra Goundar

Presentation 8: Researching Innovations in Technology Use in Learning & Teaching at USP – Flora Bentley

Presentation 9: RSD Framework – An Instrument for Advocacy and Enforcement – Sofia Shah

Presentation 10: Theoretical Framework Developed for a Master of Applied Leadership – Susan Stevenson

Presentation 11: Fostering Information Research Skills (IRS) in Postgraduate Students at The University of the South Pacific – Jamie Bloss and Vasiti Chambers

Presentation 12: A Model to Integrate Research Skill Development Within Cultural Traditions for Climate Change Resilience – Keith Morrison

Presentation 13: I-Talitali Rubric: Enhancing Student Learning in the Pacific Context – UU204 Pacific Worlds Team