The Confucius Institute offers the following Chinese language courses in face-to-face mode at Laucala, Lautoka, Emalus and Cook Islands Campuses:

CN101: Chinese Language 1

CN201: Chinese Language 2

CN301: Chinese Language 3

CN302: Chinese for Business

You can take these courses as electives within any programme, or you can take a complete Minor in Chinese alongside a Single Major in another subject.

You can also study Chinese as part of a major in Pacific Language Studies, combining 3 core courses in Linguistics with 4 courses in Chinese, and 1 course from a different language.

You will learn through interactive and innovative methods, with small class sizes, in excellent facilities provided by the Confucius Institute on campus.

Why learn Chinese?

  • Take advantage of new business interactions between China and the Pacific
  • Enhance your cv with skills in a new language
  • Enrich your degree with a new intellectual challenge
  • Get an insight into Chinese culture

 For further information, please contact the Confucius Institute directly, or you can email the Coordinator for Linguistics and Languages


The Confucius Institute also offers social classes (not for credit), and a range of fun activities from cooking classes to tea ceremonies to Chinese ink painting. Visit the Confucius Institute website for details.

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