Vanuatu Language Studies

Vanuatu Language Studies

Programmes in Vanuatu Language Studies



VA111, VA112, VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312

Major in a BA with double major

VA111, VA112, VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312, plus 2 courses from FR101, LN111, LN118, FR201, LN211, LN216, FR301, FR302, LN311, LN317, or LN319

Minor in a BA

VA111, VA112, plus 3 courses from VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312

BA Pacific Language Studies

LN118, LN216, LN317, VA111, VA112, plus 3 of VA211, VA212, VA311, VA312



VA111   Bislama: The National Language of Vanuatu

VA112   The Languages of Vanuatu

VA212   The Teaching of Vanuatu Languages

VA211   Bislama in Contemporary Times

VA311   Texts and Translation in Vanuatu Languages

VA312   Topics in Vanuatu Languages

These courses will not run every year. Please contact Emalus Campus if you are interested in joining the next cohort.

Courses with a VA code are taught in Bislama. They are offered face-to-face at the Emalus Campus. All other courses come from the Linguistics programme and are offered both online (all campuses) and face-to-face (Laucala). You can find out more about them on the Study Linguistics pages.

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