Na Vakadidike Vosavakaviti

Fijian Language Studies


O sega ni kila na vosa vakaviti? O via tomana na nomu vulica na veika vakaviti?
Mai vulica e USP!  E na wili tale ga e na nomu Koroi!

At USP, we offer Fijian courses for credit to both beginners and fluent speakers. Our programme is supported by the iTaukei Trust Fund Board.

Complete beginner?

Fluent speaker of Fijian?

Whether you’re new to Fiji or you’ve lived here all your life, why not take this opportunity to learn Fijian for the first time? Gain an insight into Fijian culture, and impress your friends with your new language skills!

FJ101 Fijian for Beginners

Offered face-to-face at Laucala in both semesters

You can take FJ101 as an elective in any programme, or as part of a major in Pacific Language Studies. The course usually attracts students from all over the world, so you’ll meet new friends and have lots of fun, while also learning to communicate in one of the major languages of Fiji.

If you already speak Fijian, you can take a Diploma, BA, BEd or BAGCED with a major in Pacific Vernacular Language (Fijian Studies). You can also take any of the Fijian Studies courses as electives, or as part of a degree in Pacific Language Studies. The courses below are open to students at all campuses, and are also offered as flexi-schools.

Please note that these courses are taught through the medium of Fijian, so proficiency in the language is essential.

FJ111: Fijian Language Studies I – Vakadidike Vosa Vakaviti I
FJ121: Fijian Orature/Literature I – Umavosa Maroroi Vakaviti I
FJ211: Fijian Language Studies II – Vakadidike Vosa Vakaviti II
FJ212: The Teaching of Fijian
FJ221: Fijian Orature/Literature II – Umavosa Maroroi Vakaviti II
FJ311: Fijian Language Studies 3 – Vakadidike Vosa Vakaviti III
FJ321: Orality, Literacy and Culture – Umavosa Maroroi Vakaviti III

Na isakisaki ni noda vanua na vosa kei na kena itovo. Mai vulica mo kila. E sa rawa ni o vakoroi kina mo cakacaka. O na yalomatua tale ga ni o kila na nomu vosa kei na itovo. Ena matata tale ga vei iko na nomu okati mo dua na itaukei.  Na bibi ni vuli qo eratou tokona tiko mai kina na Matabose ni iLavo Maroroi ni iTaukei.

For further information, please contact the Fijian Language Studies Coordinator directly, or you can email the Coordinator for Linguistics and Languages.

Postgraduate studies

The postgraduate diploma consists of four courses:

  • AL400 Research Methodologies in the Humanities & Social Sciences

Plus any three from:

  • FJ411 Tuvavosa. Information Structure
  • FJ412 iBalebale ni Yaca. Names and Naming
  • FJ413 Na Veisau ni Vosa. Language and Change
  • FJ421 Mata kei na Sevu. Relationships and Governance
  • FJ422 Sau kei na Mana. Of chiefs, chiefdoms and sacred spaces
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