Staff wishing to place advertisements are requested to book online (via the staff kiosk) and follow guidelines made available on the Staff Online Services. USP contract rates with some media outlets are also provided.

Further information, contact:

Josefa Uluinaceva,
Graphic Artist
Tel: (679) 323 2358
Email: uluinaceva_j(at)

Graphic Design Requests

For your graphic design needs, please download and fill the 2 forms provided below:

  • Graphic Design Requests (Download) (size: 218KB)
  • Business Card Requests ( Download) (size: 172KB)

The forms allow you to fill in directly in pdf and tick appropriate boxes. Read instructions carefully before you email the filled forms to either

Josefa Uluinaceva
email: uluinaceva_j(at)
Tel: (679) 323 2358




Loriza Bano
email: loriza.bano(at)
Tel: (679) 323 2355

PLEASE NOTE: The Manager Marketing, should be copied in Graphic Design Request email.