Dependent Allowance Criteria

The Research Office Scholarships only provides allowances for primary dependents residing with the scholarship holder during the term of the scholarship.


Eligibility: A dependent spouse shall be a spouse who is unemployed

Documentation for proof of marriage and employment status is required.


Eligibility: A dependent child shall be

An awardees natural child;

An awardees legally adopted child; or

An awardees stepchild, if residing with the awardee.

For any of the above-mentioned children to be recognized as awardees dependent child, the following requirements must be met:

-The child must be under the age of 18 years;

-The awardee must provide main and continuing support for the child.

** If a child over the age of eighteen years is physically or mentally incapacitated for substantial gainful employment, either permanently or for a period expected to be of long duration, the requirements of age shall be waived.

In addition:

An awardee claiming a dependent must establish that he or she provides main and continuous support. This claim must be supported by documentary evidence satisfactory to the Research Office.

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