Welcome to the Compliance Unit site.

The Compliance Unit monitors how well we are doing in keeping to our policies and procedures. Adhering to these means we keep to accepted ways of doing business. This makes running the University smoother and more efficient. It saves time and money, enabling more resources to be allocated to teaching and learning activities.

This site will give you the background to the Compliance Unit and what it does. It will also feature common compliance messages that we think will benefit the University community.

We are available to provide advice on compliance matters should you need it. Please email us at ac(at) with any queries you may have.

We hope you find our site useful and informative.

Director of Assurance and Compliance

Guide title

What the guide is about.

A Guide to the work of the Compliance Unit

This provides details about what it is and what it does.



What the guide is about.

The Compliance Plan 2016-2018

This provides details on how the compliance work will be carried out over the period 2016-2018.

Updated 21-March-2016

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