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Introduction Welcome to the General Liability section of our site. It provides you with a broad outline of what our General Liability Policy covers the USP against. What does the policy cover? The policy covers matters relating to third parties. These are non-USP employees. The policy broadly covers compensation payments and any legal expenses.  It covers circumstances where we have been negligent. The types of compensation payments that can be made fall into two broad categories:

  • Accidental death, bodily injury or illness.
  • Property loss or damage. This can be accidental or due to theft or vandalism.

The policy only covers matters arising in the course of official USP business. Why do we need this Insurance? There is always a chance of accidents happening. This cover protects the USP from the potentially high costs of accidents. What we are not insured for? Some of the major restrictions and exclusions are:

  • Any matter relating to our own staff. Other insurance arrangements are in place to deal with staff-related incidents.
  • Accidents arising from building defects.
  • Illegal acts.

Please contact us if you have any queries about exclusions. How much are we insured for? These are the current limits on our General Liability policy. These limits apply to:

  • Any one occurrence.
  • The total value of claims in a year.
Description: Extent of cover Limit of liability Deductible For each occurrence
General Liability Worldwide 20,000,000 FJD $5,000 FJD
Products Liability Worldwide 20,000,000 FJD $5,000 FJD

Our policy has the following extensions.

Description/extension Extent of cover Limit of Liability Deductible For each occurrence
Care Custody Control Worldwide $250,000 FJD $5,000 FJD
Landlords Liability Worldwide $20,000,000 FJD $5,000 FJD
Vibration & Removal of Support Worldwide $250,000 FJD $5,000 FJD

General liability insurance and contracts It is common practice in contract to ask for a certain amount of cover. Contractors may ask to see what’s called a ‘Certificate of currency’. This proves we have up to date insurance. You’ll find official details about our General Liability in the Certificates of currency section of this site. Contact the Risk and Insurance Unit immediately if you have a contract that requires higher limits than these. How do I report incidents? Any incidents must be reported to the Risk and Insurance Unit immediately. Please record the initial incident details using our standard Incident Form. General Liability (GL)


Incident form (PDF)

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