Personal Accident Insurance Policy


Welcome to the Personal Accident insurance page of our site. This gives you a brief outline about what this policy covers and why we have it.

Who is insured and what are they insured for?

Insured person/s

Scope of cover

Limit of Liability


All USP employees, Members of Council and Council Committees/Sub-Committees, External Reviewers/ Advisors, visiting Lecturers, Visitor/Ombudsman as per USP Charter.

24 hours per day while on University approved business.

100,000 FJD

No deductible

All USP registered students

24 hours per day while on university approved and organised:

  1. Field trips, excursions and voluntary community projects and schemes.
  2. Placements, work experience, internships and attachments.



50,000 FJD

No deductible



What does the policy cover?

This policy covers serious injuries, disability or death at work. It applies anywhere in the world while on USP approved business. We would however, strongly emphasise the following two things.

  • The cover is not a substitute for a medical scheme.
  • The cover is also not a life insurance policy.

Preventing accidents and likely claims

The best approach is always to be proactive and preventative. Preparing or for events such as fieldtrips in advance is a good way to do this. One way is to complete a risk assessment which will assist you identify risks/concerns to prepare for.  You can either develop plans to mitigate the risk or take the decision not to continue with the activity due to the high risk.

We also advise that you discuss planned events with our OHS colleagues.

How does the policy cover work?

This is a highly complex insurance policy. It has many different levels of payment. These depend on the event being claimed for. Examples are given below.




% of limit of liability

Permanent Total Loss of use of one limb


Permanent Total Loss of sight of one eye


Permanent Total Loss of use of four fingers and thumb of either hand


Permanent Total Loss of use of fingers of either hand
a) Three Joints:
b) Two Joints
c) One Joint

a) 15%
b) 10%
c)  5%

Permanent Total Loss of use of four fingers of either hand


Permanent Total Loss of use of one thumb of either hand
a) Both joints
b) One Joint

a)  40%
b)  20%

What are the restrictions on the policy?

The following are important details about policy limits.

  • Age Limit: Age 80 or over. There are additional limits and restrictions.
  • Pre-existing medical condition: Subject to limits and conditions.
  • Pregnancy: Subject to limits and conditions.
  • Medical advice: Any person not getting medical advice from a legally qualified medical practitioner is not covered. This must occur as soon as possible after the accident occurs.
  • Excluded acts: Reckless, criminal or illegal acts are not covered.
  • Cover for any incident: If an incident is applicable to more than one event, you can claim for only one event.
  • Aircraft: There’s no cover if you’re flying except as a passenger in an aircraft licensed to carry passengers.
  • Sport restrictions: Taking part in any kind of professional sport or racing. This includes the preparation for racing any motor propelled equipment.
  • Self-harm: Anything caused by self-harm is not covered.

Reporting incidents

All incidents must be reported to the Risk and Insurance Unit. Our insurers need to be advised of any potential claim as soon as possible. Delays in advising insurers can lead to claims being denied.

Date Reviewed: 18-May-2020

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