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Welcome to the student insurance cover section of our site.

The University’s insurance arrangements include cover for USP-registered students engaged in activities required to complete their studies. Our policies also cover student voluntary activities approved by the University.

Activity guides

We have prepared the following guides to help you plan your activities and manage risk. Staff and students need to review the relevant documents and links when preparing for an activity.  This will give a general understanding of what’s insured for your activity and what isn’t.

  • If an activity is not listed or for further clarification is required, please contact the Risk and Insurance Unit.

USP approved activity

Relevant insurance policies

Useful websites

Student attachments/placements


Public Liability

Personal Accident

Professional Indemnity


Assurance and Compliance Guides

Insurance Polices

Course fieldtrips and  excursions


Public Liability

Personal Accident


OHS Guideline and forms

Insurance Policies

Research activities


Public Liability

Personal Accident

Professional Indemnity



Insurance Policies

Student volunteer programmes approved by the University

Public Liability

Personal Accident


Insurance Policies

Insurance policy summaries

The following table provides a brief description of the policies relevant to student activities. Please click on the link in the left-had box to access relevant forms and further details about these policies


Brief description of cover

Public Liability

This provides protection for personal injury or damage to third parties.

It does not cover anything affecting you personally.

Personal Accident


This policy covers major injuries such as loss of limbs. It does not cover sickness or minor injury. It is not a life insurance policy.

You are not covered while travelling to your destination and returning home. You are not covered for personal activities like shopping.

Professional Indemnity

This policy covers unintended breaches of your duties by bad advice/ services.

An important condition is that the services and/or advice must be signed off by qualified person before being provided to a third party.

International Travel



Cover is available for students traveling outside their country of residence on USP-approved activities. Students are NOT automatically covered by this policy for any USP approved activity. The following procedures apply:

Students are required to contact USP International Office to confirm they are eligible for cover.

Students must complete the required forms.

Students must liaise with the relevant Faculty member to get the forms signed off.

Students are responsible for ensuring they have adequate cover for their approved activity. Where students think the available cover may not be suitable, the Risk and Insurance Unit must be advised.

What is not covered by the insurance arrangements?

  • Unapproved activities are not covered. This is why you need to follow the procedures closely.
  • The use of personal vehicles or non-USP vehicles hired by the student. USP is not liable.

Date Reviewed: 11-January-2021

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