Dr David Mapuru

Title: Assistant Lecture

Email: mapuru_d@usp.ac.fj

Telephone: + 679 323 1000 ext?

Room: S209 FBE Building


David Mapuru is from the Solomon Islands. Supportive of his country’s predominantly resource based economy, his research interests lies with the management & governance of natural resources (eg. forestry, minerals, fisheries etc) both at the national level by public sector and at the regional level (eg. tuna fisheries) by regional organizations (eg. Forum Fisheries Agencies, Parties to Nauru Agreement and Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission). His research interests also lies in governance and public sector management in Melanesia, ethics & good governance in public sectors. Also as a management emerging scholar he is interested in areas of organizational behavior, business management and managing people. As an emerging researcher, he has been trained to apply western epistemology to solve management and governance problems relating to tuna fisheries in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. He aspires to help and encourage his fellow islanders and young Pacific islanders to think and generate local pacific knowledge rather than accepting and depending on foreign knowledge all the time.

Dr Mapuru attained the following certificates; BCOM, MCOM and PhD from USP, Laucala Campus. He first joined USP in the Solomon Is Campus in 2018 before transferring to Laucala Campus in 2020. He is mostly teaching undergraduate level but also engaged as visiting fellow (consultants) for USP MBA programs in the region especially in HR management and organizational behaviour. Prior to working for USP, he served various organizations specifically engineering firms (business) and NGOs. He has 10 years of industrial supervisory and middle management experience. He is currently working on building his research and publication profiles. As a native pacific islander, he is very passionate of serving his fellow young pacific islanders who will be the future leaders of the region in the not too distant future.

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