Dr Jashwini Narayan

Dr Jashwini Narayan is a Senior Lecturer since January 2023 in the Management & Public Administration Discipline, School of Business & Economics. She joined USP in the capacity of a tutor initially in January 2006. She was promoted to Assistant Lecturer level in June 2006, then promoted to Lecturer level in June 2015. Prior to this, she was an Executives Relationship Manager at HFC Finance since December 2004. Jashwini attained a Bachelors Degree with a gold medal for Business Studies programme at USP in 2001. She completed her fourteen degree units (100 and 200 level courses) through extension while working full-time. Later, she completed the degree programme upon becoming a full-time student for her 300 level units. After working for a while, she resigned to pursue post-graduate studies. She then attained a Postgraduate Diploma in Management and Public Administration in April 2004. Later in April 2005, she graduated with Master of Arts Degree (majoring in Management and Public Administration). She graduated with PhD in Management & Public Administration in April 2014.

Prior to joining USP, she worked at Carpenters Morris Hedstrom Headoffice, Cost-U-Less store, ANZ Bank, Reserve Bank of Fiji and HFC Finance since 1995 to 2005. Jashwini teaches marketing courses, in particular MG206 [Marketing Principles & Strategies], MG301 [Services Marketing] and MG303 [International Marketing]. She has also taught MG201 [Organization Behavior], a postgraduate course – MG405 [Management in the Context of Development] and MG410 [Consumer Behaviour]. Jashwini was one of the nominees for the 2019 Faculty Teaching Excellence Award in the Faculty of Business and Economics. She was also one of the nominees for 2019 Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Best Research Output.

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