Dr Suwastika Naidu

Dr Suwastika Naidu is a Senior Lecturer at the University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji Islands.  She is a multidisciplinary researcher who has specialized in three areas of study.  These are (1) Management and Public Administration, (2) Econometrics and Policy Analysis, and (3) Education.

Management and Public Administration: Dr Naidu has done her PhD thesis on human resource management analytics that involves testing the best human resource management model in the Pacific Islands Countries.  She has published high-quality journal articles on human resource management and small business development in the Pacific Island Countries.  Her articles on human resource management and small business development in the Pacific are published in the Personnel Review and Social Indicators Research. Her research interest areas include operations management, finance, supply chain management, value chain analysis and human resource management.

Econometrics and Policy Analysis: Dr Naidu has a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Banking and Finance.  She has completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Economics from the University of the South Pacific.  She also holds MSc in Finance from the University of London. Some of her highlighted journal articles in econometrics are published in Tourism Analysis (A-ranked) and Social Indicators Research (A-ranked).  All of these are her single-author work.  Her econometrics work on telemedicine system in the Pacific Islands Countries won her the Global Emerald Award for publishing a high-quality paper for the Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration.

Education: Dr Suwastika Naidu holds a Master of Education from Northern Arizona University.  She is a specialist in using innovative technology to deliver higher education in different geographical settings.  Additionally, she has published several research articles on how technology can be used to improve student learning outcomes.

Teaching Experience: Dr Suwastika Naidu has a teaching experience of around 13 years.  She has played a pivotal role in developing print learning materials for Management & Public Administration courses.  Some of the courses that she has been teaching for the School of Business & Management are as follows:

  • MG101, MG202, MG214, MG309, MG403, MG411, MG406, MBA430A

Editorial Work:  Recently, Dr Suwastika Naidu has been appointed as one of the Co-editors for Island Studies Journal (B rank) based on her contribution to business and economics.  The University of Prince Edward Island is the institutional home for Island Studies Journal.  This journal is one of the competitive journals that has an acceptance rate of 40%.  Her role as the Co-editor of Island Studies Journal is as follows:

  1. Handling manuscripts in business and economics.
  2. Sending the manuscripts for peer review.
  3. Contributing to the discussions on the review policies and procedures of the journal


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