Dr. Subhash Appana


I am an Alumnus of USP having completed my BA (Economics/Administration) in the late 1980s. Subsequently, I completed my MA at the prestigious Sophia University (Tokyo) as a Monbusho Scholar. Later in 1994, I went back to Japan as a Japan Foundation Fellow to study Japanese Production and Operations Management for a year. During this stint, I was attached to the Japan Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) and the Japan Management Association via Sophia University’s Graduate School of Management.

Later I realized that what I had been studying till then was largely focused on management in the private sector and that interest had shifted to management in the public sector where “reforms” had become a necessity. So I went on to focus by doctoral research in the area of management and governance in the public sector. This was finally completed through Commonwealth Funding via the Australian Government at Swinburne University in Melbourne. The title of the research: Public Sector Reforms in Fiji – A Search for Appropriate Governance Structures. This research focus continues to interest and intrigue me.

Since then I have taught in the same area (among others) and conducted specialized professional trainings for both private and public sector organizations both in Fiji and abroad. It might interest you to know that I was a part of the team that initiated the Fiji Quality Awards. This was later linked to the Fiji Business Excellence Awards where I have been an Evaluator.

As part of USP’s community engagement efforts, I have been allowed to take up a government appointment as Chair of the Boxing Commission of Fiji (BCF). This has taken me into the realm of Sports Administration and my involvement with, and contributions to Fiji Boxing, continues.

It might also interest you to know that I have worked in Japan, New Zealand, Fiji and most of the Pacific Island Countries. It is my pleasure to be back at USP.

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