Dr Atul Raturi

Name: Atul Raturi

Position: Associate Professor

Email: atul.raturi@usp.ac.fj

Phone: 32430


Atul’s work involves teaching and researching in materials/devices/policies and community engagement for renewable energy development in the island countries. He has previously worked in India, Kenya and PNG.  Atul has been a consultant to SEFP (WB), IUCN, ADB and UNEP among others.   He has contributed to Fiji’s Low Emissions Development Strategy report, National Communications to UNFCCC and REN21 Renewables Status Reports. He is a strong supporter of energy for productive use and recommends a synergistic approach to SDGs. Atul is an adjunct Associate Professor with SPREE, UNSW where he collaborates with CEEM.

COURSES Teaching:

Undergraduate Courses:

Renewable Energy Systems ( EE/MM/PH301)

Solid State Physics (PH 304)

Postgraduate Course:

Photovoltaic Power Generation ( PH 407)

Biomass and Hydropower ( PH 416)

Research Interest

Long term energy planning, Solar  energy and SDGs , Renewable energy potential and scenarios in Pacific Island Countries., Dye-sensitized nano-crystalline solar cells. Fabrication and characterization, Grid-connected solar PV systems in PICs, Solar electric vehicle charging systems ,Thin film solar cells ,Biofuels


Members of organization  

Member, Expert Group on Energy’s Interlinkages with Other SDGs (UNDESA)

Member, Energy technical Working Group (CROP)

Member, Asia Pacific Energy Think Tank UNESCAP


Advisor, REN21 Asia Pacific Report 2019


Senior Member, IEEE


List of Publication ( since 2016):


To, L.S., Bruce, A., Munro, P , Santagata, E., Macgill, I., Rawali, M. and Raturi, A. A research and innovation agenda for energy resilience in Pacific Island Countries and Territories. Nat Energy 6, 1098–110, 2021


  1. Prasad and A. Raturi, Prospects of Sustainable Biomass – Based Power Generation in a Small Island Country.Journal of Cleaner Production, 318, 2021,


Schoolman, Anya and Raturi, Atul K. and Nussey, Bill and Shirley, Rebekah and Knuckles, James A. and de Graaf, Florijn and Magali, Prosper R. and Lu, Zongxiang and Breyer, Christian and Markides, Christos N., Decentralizing energy for a high – demand, low – Carbon world. One Earth, 1 (4). pp. 388-391. ISSN 2590-3322 , 2019


  1. Prasad and A. Raturi, Fuel demand and emissions for maritime sector in Fiji: Current status and low-carbon strategies, Marine Policy, 2019


  1. Prasad and A. Raturi, Low- carbon alternatives and their implications for Fiji’s electricity sector, Utilities Policy , 56, 1- 19,2019


  1. Mani, F.Mani, S.Subbarao, A. Raturi , Carbon Footprinting and mitigation strategies for the USP Marine campus, Journal of Pacific Studies , 2018, B


  1. Prasad and A. Raturi, Low-carbon measures for Fiji’s land transport energy system, Utilities Policy, 54, 132-147, 2018


  1. Kumar, F. Gafaro, A. Daka and A. Raturi: Modelling and Analysis of Grid Integration for High Shares of Solar PV in Small Isolated Systems – A Case of Kiribati, Renewable Energy 108, 589-597, 2017


  1. Prasad and A. Raturi: Grid electricity for Fiji Islands: Future Supply Options and Assessment of Demand Trends, Energy, 119. 860-87, 2017


  1. Prasad, R .Bansal and A. Raturi: A review of Fiji’s Energy Situation: Challenges and Strategies for a Small Island Developing State; Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 75, 278–292 2017


Atul Raturi, Aman Singh and Ravita Prasad : Grid-connected PV systems in the Pacific Islands, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 58,  419-428 , 2016


Conferences (since 2015)

Ashneel Chandra , Vishal Prasad  and Atul Raturi, A techno-economic evaluation of  domestic rooftop grid-connected systems in Fiji, 7th Asia- Pacific Solar Research Conference, Canberra, December 2019


Manu Rawali, Anna Bruce,, Atul Raturi, Brian Spak, Iain MacGill,                                           Electricity Access Challenges and Opportunities in Papua New Guinea (PNG), , 7th Asia- Pacific Solar Research Conference, Canberra, December 2019


Prakash, Vinal V. and Raturi, Atul, Solar energy for clean water access in Fiji.  6th Asia- Pacific Solar Research Conference, Sydney, December 2018


Prasad, Ravita D. and Raturi, Atul, Role of solar photovoltaics in future electricity generation in Fiji, 6th Asia- Pacific Solar Research Conference, Sydney, December 2018


Small, Darcy and Bruce, Anna and Macgill, Iain and Raturi, Atul K. and Prakash, Vinal V,   6th  Asia- Pacific Solar Research Conference, Sydney , December 2018  

Atul Raturi , Solar Energy Development and SDGs- A Pacific perspective, Invited speaker, Fifth Asia- Pacific Solar Research Conference, Melbourne, December 2017


  1. Prakash and Atul Raturi, Energy Needs Assessment and Strategies for 100% RE Future for A Small Island Community , Fifth Asia- Pacific Solar Research Conference, Melbourne, December 2017

A.Datt, Aman Singh and Atul Raturi, Performance of a Solar EV Charger  in the Pacific Island Countries, Solar World Congress 2015, Daegu, S. Korea, November 2015,


R. Nand and Atul Raturi;  Rural electrifications in Fiji : A case study of Solar home systems,  Solar World Congress 2015, Daegu, S. Korea, November 2015


Invited presentations

Pacific Renewable Symposium, University of Sydney, September 2021 (Online)

Countries driving regional energy transitions: towards a resilient Pacific, July 2021 (Online)


Strengthening Partnerships for Energy Security and Resilience in the Pacific, September 2021 (Online)


KIREC 2019, Seoul, S. Korea, panel discussant, September 2019

Asia Pacific PV Research Conference and workshop, December 2017, Melbourne and Sydney, 2018

REN 21 Academy (Panel discussant) , November 2015, Bonn, Germany


Book Chapters

Shikha Raturi, Dawn Gibson, Frank R. Thomas and Atul K. Raturi, Navigating research trajectories with supervisees in the Pacific Islands. In: Graduate Research Supervision in the Developing World: Policies, Pedagogies, and Practices. Routledge, United Kingdom, TBC. ISBN 9780367243968, 2020


  1. Prasad and A. Raturi, Solar energy for power generation Fiji, In: Translating the Paris Agreement into Action in the Pacific, Advances in global change research 68 (series), Springer Nature.AG, Switzerland, 2020


Technical Reports

Chapter author (Energy, domestic aviation  and cross-cutting sectors): Fiji Low Emission  Development Strategy ( LEDS)  report , submitted to UNFCCC 2018

Contributor and researcher: REN 21 Global Status Reports, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 (REN 21, Paris)

Mitigation chapter; Fiji Second National Communication to UNFCCC (with S. Prasad),

Pacific SIDS energy, ecosystems and sustainable livelihoods initiative: Managing the ecosystem implications of energy policies in the Pacific Island States Review Report 2011, IUCN, 2012.

Contributor: Pacific Environment and Climate Change Outlook, SPREP 2012, ISBN: 978-982-04-0465-6

Contributor: Science Plan on sustainable energy; International Council for Science Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ICSU-ROAP), 2009 (Ed. D. Gardiner)


Consultancy reports


ASTAE (SEFP-World Bank) reports (2006):

Status of CNO in power generation and industrial use

CNO use in PNG : A travel report:

Mid Term Review Report: IUCN-EESLI project (Yves Renard and Atul Raturi) – Published by IUCN, 2009


FDC – Pacific Renewable Energy Microfinance (PREM) Project: Training Manual (multiple authors), 2009

UNEP Risoe: Presentation/ Reports for CD4CDM, January, 2011


UNIDO Mini grid market development report, 2018





USP 45kW Grid Connected PV System ( KOICA)


Banish the kerosene lamp (Pacific Fonds)


Solar powered refrigeration for fishing communities (Pacific Fonds)


Solar desalination (Pacific Fonds)


Solar EV Charging system (Pacific Fonds)


Solar water pumping for remote schools ( ROC/Taiwan)




USP-UNSW collaboration on sustainable energy ( UNSW)


Dilo oil as biofuel (SRT project, USP)


E-mobility ( SRT project , USO)


PAWES  project ( EU/SPC/SPREP)






Research Supervision (since 2016)

Neil Singh , MSc Microfinancing of solar lights, 2016
Sandip Kumar , MSc Modelling and analysis of higher solar share on Kiribati grid,  2016
Jeanette Mani, MSc Carbon Footprinting for USP Marine campus, 2017
Vinal Prakash, MSc

Sameer Khan , MSc

100% RE for an island community ,2018

Dilo based biofuel , 2020

Ravita Prasad, MSc Long range energy planning, 2020


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