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Printing solution for Student and Staff is now based on PaperCut solution. Students will find multi-functional devices available in selected computer labs that offer unique printing features;

  1. Print & Release
  2. Print Anywhere

More information on using the printing/photocopying services can be accessed at the following link. Printing Manual

With Print & Release, students will no longer get their printouts automatically but will require the additional step of releasing their printout by:

  1. Swiping their ID cards
  2. Entering their USP ID number and password on the attached LCD panel
  3. Website to redeem your “PaperCut” top up cards is

With the Print Anywhere feature, students will now be able to release their printouts at any printer located on select computer labs. For example, a student printing in computer lab ITS Lab02 can release their printout in computer lab ITS Lab03.

Please follow the instructions on the user manual on how to print and release your printouts. Releasing your print can either be done through:

  1. “Swipe of your Student ID card” or
  2. “Through entering your id-numbers and passwords on the available console”.

Instructions for Users

  1. Purchase Printing Top-up card from the Library, Bookshop or PIMRIS Library, currently sold at $2.
  2. Login on any PC in the ITS labs using your username (ID number) and password
  3. Please note and use the website on the card.
  4. As your PaperCut user web interface appears, login using your username and password. Please use the Printing top-up web interface in this instruction

Student Web Printing

Service Request Procedure

Logging a complaint, troubleshooting or seeking consumables replenishment:

  1. You will have to inform ITS HelpDesk in one of the following ways;
    1. By email – helpdesk(at)
    2. By telephone – 323 2117
    3. In person (walk in) – ICT Centre, Building A, Level 1
  2. You will have to supply the following  information to supply the ITS personnel:
    1. Your student number (USP ID card #)
    2. Your name and contact information (extension/email)
    3. Location of the MFD
    4. A general description of the fault or problem encountered
  3. Ensure to obtain a call log number before hanging up.
  4. ITS helpdesk will promptly issue a job ticket to Ricoh.
  5. Ricoh will attend to the fault as per service targets and response procedures
  6. Ricoh after fixing the issue will resolve the job request online which will send a job resolution email to the email address provided.
  7. In the event of after-hours support, the USP is to notify Ricoh to assist prior to close of business

IT Support Contacts

Call: +679 323 2117

Email: helpdesk(at)

Web: Submit a help request

USP Chat Service
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