Parliament Standing Committee on Social Affairs


USP Labasa Campus was privileged to receive a visit by the Parliament Standing Committee on Social Affairs (SCSA) on Wednesday 1st May, 2019. The Labasa Campus Director, Dr. Bogitini welcomed the committee on behalf of the Vice Chancellor and President (VCP) and also acknowledged VP Paunga representing the VCP.

The visit was part of the review process of the USP 2017 Annual Report that was presented to parliament early this year. The delegation was headed by the Chairperson of the Committee, Hon. Viam Pillay. Members included Hon. George Vegnathan, Hon. Aliphatic Nagata, Hon. Salote Radrodro and Hon. Atonio Lalabalavu.

In the opening remarks, the Chair of the Committee, Hon. Pillay, mentioned the role of the committee is to scrutinize the reports of Bills received at the Parliament. The Committee’s role is to observe, listen and take note on issues during discussions.

Labasa Campus Director familiarized the Committee with the Governance structure of the university indicating reporting protocols and channels from Council, VCP and to Vice President (RC,E&I) in  his presentation. The President of the student Association at Labasa Campus was also invited to make submissions.

It was highlighted by VP Paunga that the Hon. Minister of Education is the Chair of the Labasa and Lautoka Advisory Committee and any decision on the construction of the Campus will have to be approved by the Hon. Minister of Education.

The Hon. Salote Lalabalavu raised the importance of boarding facilities to assist parents in the Northern Division given the geographical context of the Northern Division. VP Paunga stated that the whole intention of building the two new ( Lautoka and Labasa) campuses is to also assist parents from the West and the North and at the same time it will also minimize overcrowding at the Laucala Campus.

The committee later had a visit to the new site for development of new Labasa Campus. VP Paunga conveyed appreciation to the Standing Committee for visiting the Labasa Campus.

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