Students Thrilled to Attend Orientation Event on Campus


Labasa Campus hosted students to a two-day event to welcome, brief and allow students an opportunity to transition well into university life. Students were thrilled to join other new, enthusiastic students who were also trying to settle into university life from high school or work. The programme is a campus event that allows students and staff to connect and share with students on studies at Labasa Campus, the study culture, make new friends and meet with students who may have similar programmes.

Continuing students and the student association always work closely with the campus staff to ensure that students are entertained, provided with refreshments and at the same time have an opportunity to tour the campus, attend Moodle sessions. Student volunteers assist campus staff in ensuring new students were attended too in an organized, swift and effective manner so that they are not too anxious or confused. This year students from as far as Taveuni travelled all the way to Labasa to attend the session in person so they do not miss out. They highlighted that the coverage on  social media of the orientation event allowed them chance to be part of the event. Students were given an opportunity to know campus staff, hear of administrative and finance procedures, with mentions of ample student support services shared amongst the students. Student Seruwaia Tuivuna mentions “well the orientation week was organised. We were all welcomed by the beautiful smiling faces of the officials , admins/teachers and the current students studying at Labasa Campus. This helped me calm my nerves of studying in this new learning environment.”

Students from Taveuni attend the Orientation in person at Labasa Campus

Savusavu Campus students were also hosted to a one-day event of orientation which allowed them an opportunity to navigate their way around USP Learning platforms and meet staff who would assist them in the duration of their studies. USP Labasa Campus is committed to ensuring all its new students are supported well and that they transition smoothly from different walks of life into USP studies. The Campus welcomes all our new students wholeheartedly.


Savusavu Centre group photo session with staff and students.


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