USP Labasa Campus Alumni Study Nest a success

USP Alumni and NEDO Mrs. Iliseva Volai shares writing tips, TELS and other important information with Y12 and 13 students at Labasa College.

USP Labasa Campus SLS Jiupili Simmons and alumni Mrs. Iliseva Volai, who is also the Northern Division Education Officer organised a 2hr study session on English at Labasa College. The initiative was inspired by the Pacific Awahine Community of Math’s Learning Support happening at Laucala and the request that came from school heads to MOE office. A collaboration was facilitated which saw 110 students from around Labasa town area converging at the Labasa College dining hall to learn. Students were from Labasa College, Labasa Sangam, Tabia College, Holy Family, Khalsa College and Bulileka College. The flyer was posted on social media sites of the campus and sent to school Viber groups which allowed an ease of information sharing. All parental consent and school consent were organised by school heads, Labasa College Principal and some teachers were also present. This opportunity allows students who are prospective students at the university to be exposed to learning with others early and plan their exam preparations well. “Exchange of ideas, tips and assistance is shared freely in this space, we do not see our school badges as a barrier and having USP help us is a bonus,” says Y13 student from Khalsa College, Rosi Tuisavusavu. Plans are in place to continue this collaboration of USP Labasa Campus study Nest with alumni for secondary school students in 2023 especially for project work in term 2 and external exam tips for term 3 next year.

SLS staff Jiupili Simmons unpacking comprehension, language, register study tips with students present.
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