Principal and Careers Teachers Consultation with the Vice-Chancellor


The Principal and Careers Teacher Consultation was held at Khatriya Hall, Labasa on 16th September, 2020 from 4-6pm. The deliberations between Vice Chancellor & President’s Team and the School Heads and Careers Teachers deemed to be very successful.

There were altogether 47 participants from 26 different schools around the North. In attendance were principal and careers teachers from Taveuni, Udu Point and Bua which are at extreme distant localities. The attendees raised pertinent questions and recommendations such as the validity of accreditations, aligning Education courses to the resources used in Schools and also for USP to provide assistance as per their School needs.

The Vice Chancellor & President assured the Teachers and Principals that the University will assist by all means and believes in Teachers to be the best source and guide to our future students. He also encouraged Teachers to motivate Parents in encouraging their children to see the opportunity of thirteen other campuses we have and to explore and get enriched from the experiences and lifestyle of our regional campus locations.

“I find Labasa Campus to be one of the best with the excellent leadership of the Campus Director and its staff which always has great academic results,” was the concluding remark of DVC Paunga. This uplifted the morale and atmosphere around as the many Principals and Teachers were acknowledged for sending such good students to the Premiere University, USP.


The Campus Director, Dr Bogitini also enlightened on how Labasa Campus tries to meet the needs of students locally as such facilitating courses like Agriculture and the many online. He made Principals and Careers teachers aware that students have been able to complete their studies from Labasa Campus and continue their PHD.

The evening concluded on a high note with Teachers and USP staff exchanging more conversations over Refreshment.

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