Student Learning Support visits Savusavu students

Few of the students that attended the SLS Savusavu visit and needed research skills support

Student Learning Specialist Jiupili Simmons visited students at Savusavu Centre on the 23rd – 24th of November 2021 to conduct workshops, assist students with assignments and offer academic support where necessary as Semester 2 nears completion. Due to COVID 19 restrictions of travel, SLS visits to Savusavu and Taveuni was halted to ensure that students were safe and compliance adhered to. Students attended wanted help with assignments, research skills, referencing, and critical writing. SLS services continued to be offered via online support using SLS Moodle page, Moodle Live chats, Viber, phone calls and email interface to allow students to access the academic support whenever they needed the assistance. Visits to Savusavu and Taveuni have always been scheduled monthly but this had changed due to the pandemic and its impacts.

Students at Savusavu Centre were appreciative of the help and many made time to visit, enquire, had discussions and requested more center visits to assist them should Covid 19 restrictions ease. Centre Coordinator Mr. Sairusi Lui and his staff were instrumental in disseminating information to Savusavu Centre students to attend SLS workshops, as it was a needed point of help for many. SLS staff acknowledges all the support, students, staff to make this Centre visit a success.

Mr Sairusi Lui
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