Tsunami and Fire Drill


This year USP Labasa Campus collaborated with NDMO team, Police, NFA, and Army to mark ‘World Tsunami Day’ on 5th of November.

The students were escorted to the evacuation ground via the pre-planned evacuation route. While there were 49 students at the main campus, its 11 staff who were fairly balanced on each floor as wardens and floor wardens got students to the destination in twelve minutes. Similarly, Pacific TAFE had 6 students and 5 staff who made their way up in the scorching sun. 

OHS Address to the students at the Fire Evacuation Site

Students had a bit of pre training with Fire Drills before so they were aware to an extent that whenever the scenario necessitates, they are to follow Staff in vests to the unknown Evacuation Centre being the Staff Carpark.

The whole of Labasa Town came to a halt with the alarms of the ambulance, fire brigade, marshalling officers, students and staff to face the grim realities of what a Tsunami situation may look like for this drill had a package of enacted causalities and real life chaos a natural disaster could bring. Students first hand were only driven by their wardens to marshal out to the destined area and this is one great achievement.

Preparedness is key and we are now confident with the route and our mobility. The campus achieved its aim in first getting to know what a Tsunami siren will expect of students and staff as well as ensuring Public Awareness with the Tsunami Banner as we all streamed to the evacuation ground. 

We are grateful to all our stakeholders and hardworking students for making it a bright day. 

USP Wardens and First Responders at the Evacuation Centre


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