VCP and DVC’s Visit to Labasa Campus


It was an exciting & fulfilling day to receive the Vice Chancellor & President, Professor Pal Ahluwalia with Deputy Vice Chancellor (RC, E&I) Dr Masasso Paunga and Acting Deputy Vice Chancellors (L&T), Professor Jito Vanualailai for a Talanoa Session with Staff.

“The students must be the core of learning and teaching in all aspects at the University of the South Pacific,” said Professor Ahluwalia.

While, the day was anticipated by the campus staff, it was also a good time to discuss the future and prospective students with present scenarios at the campus.

It was profoundly stated by DVC Paunga, that Labasa Campus does sail through and contains momentum at its best given both its students and staff.

Professor Jito, who coincidently was turning a year older this day felt great visiting Labasa Campus & Pacific TAFE Centre to see viability and progress in providing the best for the students with the Staff talanoa.

It was indeed an insightful day to be able to start the day finding divinity and a sense of ideology of faith, we all share in our religious denominations to move the Campus forward to greater heights.

This was a good finish to Semester 1 and we do look forward to making it better for our incoming students in Semester 2.

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