Volunteerism opportunity for Labasa Campus Students


Twenty students from Labasa Campus experienced a firsthand stance of mass recruitment processes with one of Fiji’s big employers Fiji Airways in Labasa.  Students while on their semester break were able to volunteer their time to assist the Fiji Airways at their one day recruitment drive in the Northern Division on the 17th of July 2022.

Fiji Airways had organised a one day recruitment at the Friendly North and reached out to Labasa Campus to put together a team of 20 students to volunteer in their recruitment drive. Students were contacted and selected from many who expressed interests. Those that were selected were mainly Human Resource, Public Administration and Management students to be able to give them an experience of their learnings of their different programmes.

Fiji Airways, briefed the students on the mass recruitment processes. Students were paired up with Fiji Airways staff and they were tasked on administrative work, taking height and weight measurements, hospitality tasks and guiding public to different stages of the application process. The student volunteers were elated as they learnt the value of giving back to the community, collaborating, team work and developed positive social skills by engaging with the public, the Fiji Airways team in a manner that was deemed remarkable as students of the University of the South Pacific giving the public and Fiji Airways team a real “Friendly North “experience.

Student President Kelemeni Rokotala, shared that “not only did the twenty volunteers develop their social skills, test some of their learnings of their HR courses but they also got to experience the mechanics of a mass recruitment process carried out which was a real eye- opener.”

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