Student views

Matelita Nakelekelevesi
BCom (HRM & IBM)

Becoming an entrepreneur is my goal and I believe taking management courses will equip me with the necessary and much-needed knowledge and skills. Management has broadened my understanding and it continues to motivate me in achieving my dreams. I am hopeful for a better and brighter future ahead.



Rajneeta Nand
BCom (IBM & Public Administration)

I chose management after quitting nursing because I knew management would help me and my dad in our family business. After completing some of the major units in management I learnt new ways to manage the family business and used different managerial processes to accomplish the organizational goals and objectives. It has helped me a lot in life to learn about business and managing organizations. Every new management units are teaching me new things every time. Being a pure science student it was a very challenging decision but worth the risk.


Abhishek Kumar
BCom (MPA & HRM)

I opted for Management in Public Administration and Human Resources as my majors because it was my high school dream of becoming a Human Resource Officer. At the beginning, I thought it would be hard to go through with it but as gradually I went through over the units in each semester with the help of the excellent teaching staffs, I successfully completed two years and I’m on the verge of graduating from university. Today I can proudly say that the decision I made when I entered university life regarding my course and career was absolutely right and hopefully I will fulfill my dream of being a Human Resource Officer soon.

Viliame Yari

BCom (IBM & HR major)

“The reason why I chose to study at the school of management and public administration was to hone my skills as a leader/manager and also learn more about international marketing and how the Pacific can become more connected to the rest of the world. During my time studying, I have found many of the lecturers and tutors to be highly supportive and I am looking forward to graduating at the end of this year.”

Faith Bovoro

BCom (MPA & Accounting)

“I chose Management because it’s such a broad field and I believed that Management would help me in many spheres of business such as Human Resource Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and so forth. It also helps us understand how the business industry works and how to write up business proposals. Management program has helped me in my personal & professional goals! ”


Frances Kurulo

BCom (MPA & Accounting)

“Whatever we learn in Management can be used in the working environment. For instance, our knowledge about marketing & advertising can be utilized within the business sector. I plan to become a business-woman, so I see that taking Management units have really helped me in this area. This discipline has broadened my knowledge and skills and provided me with a platform to enter the workforce. ”

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