1.1 Admission to the Libraries in the network and the use of their facilities shall be conditional upon compliance with the regulations and rules of the Library and such directions as may be given from time to time by the University Librarian.

1.2 The Libraries may be used by members of the University Council, registered students, university staff, and other classes of persons as may be determined by the University Librarian.

1.3 Staff and students leaving the University are required to obtain clearance from the Library.


2.1 Borrowers shall observe the conditions of borrowing posted in the Library, which may be amended from time to time by the University Librarian.

2.2 No book or other item held by the Library may be borrowed without the loan of it having been officially recorded by the Library staff.

2.3 The University Librarian may recall a book or item on loan at any time. It must be returned within one week of the date of the recall notice, subject to the provision that it need not be returned until it has been on loan for one week. If a borrower disregards the Recall Notice it shall be treated as a disciplinary matter, and may be reported to the Student Discipline Committee or Staff Disciplinary Committee, which may result in the loss of borrowing privileges.

2.4 The borrowing of certain classes of books, or individual books, or other items held by the Library may be restricted or prohibited. Such books or other items shall be clearly marked by the Library to indicate the restrictions placed upon them.

2.5 No book or item held by the Library shall be lent privately by any borrower, and the borrower in whose name the book or item has been issued shall be held responsible for its safe-keeping.

2.6 At the end of each borrowing period indicated by the date stamped in the book, a borrower shall return the book by the close of business on the due date or make a formal application at the Library for renewal of the loan. The Library shall be under no obligation to notify a borrower when a book or other item is overdue. Failure to return or renew an overdue book or other item shall result in the charging of a penalty at the rate stated in the Fees section of this Handbook and Calendar. Borrowing privileges shall cease as soon as a borrower incurs a fine and shall not be reinstated until the fine is paid in full. Library clearance, for examination results or withdrawal from courses, shall not be given until all Library items have been returned and all charges paid.

2.7 Books or items on loan may be reserved by a reader, and on return to the Library will be held for seven days after which they will be returned to the collection.

2.8 Borrowers shall be held responsible for USP Library books or other items issued to them, and will be required to pay any fine due for late return, plus the cost of a new copy and an administrative charge for books or items damaged (i.e. marked, defaced or mutilated) or lost. If the cost of a new copy cannot be determined, the standard fees charged are as stated in the Fees section of this Handbook and Calendar. If a book or item is returned after being declared lost, an overdue fine will be levied, and the balance of any replacement payment will be refunded within 30 days of the return.


3.1 Silence shall be observed in the Library except in designated talking areas (e.g. TOK Space at Laucala). Any person who fails to observe the rules on noise control in the Library will be fined on the first two occasions by the authority of the University Librarian, at the rate stated in the Fees section of this Calendar. Borrowing privileges shall cease until the fine has been paid. On a third occasion, a thirty-day period of exclusion from the Library shall be imposed.

3.2 In the Library, smoking, the consumption of food or drink, and the use of matches and lighters are prohibited.

3.3 Mobile devices (laptops, MP3 players, mobile phones, etc.) may be used in the Library provided they cannot be heard by other users. Ringtones, speaking on the phone and other associated sounds are treated as a noise offence attracting a fine at the rate stated in the Fees section of the USP Handbook & Calendar. This restriction does not apply to talking areas.

3.4 One bag per user up to 24” x 17” x 10” is allowed under the Bags-in-Library Policy at select libraries. Items not permitted into the Library include food, liquid, sharp objects, scissors, razors, industrial tools, weapons of any kind, sports gear, wet rainwear and umbrellas. The Library shall reserve the right to remove readers’ personal belongings that are left in the Library, and shall not be held responsible in the case of loss of such belongings. Valuables should not be left unattended as the University does not accept responsibility for the loss of any such item.

3.5 Laptops are allowed in the Library, but the sound must be muted.

3.6 Persons leaving the Library shall allow staff at the exit control point to examine their books, papers and other possessions.

3.7 Books or other items taken from the shelves for consultation in the Library must not be re-shelved by readers, but must be left either on the tables or in the special places reserved for them for re-shelving by the Library staff.


4.1 Readers for whom books or other items have been borrowed from other libraries shall comply with the loan conditions imposed by the lending libraries.


5.1 Hours of opening shall be approved by the University Librarian and may be amended at his/her discretion. Notices of current opening hours shall be displayed prominently in the Library.


6.1 The number of items from the general collection that a borrower may have issued out in his or her name is determined by the category of borrower to which he or she belongs.

6.2 The number of items loaned to registered users from a special collection is governed by the rules pertaining to that collection.

6.3 The maximum number of items loaned to a borrower may be increased in individual cases at the discretion of the University Librarian.


7.1 Persons other than registered students and university staff may become External Borrowers of the Library.

7.2 External Borrowers who are USP alumni shall pay an annual non-refundable fee at the rate stated in the Fees section in this Handbook and Calendar.

7.3 External Borrowers who are staff members or postgraduate students of institutions with which the University has a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) shall pay an annual non-refundable fee at the rate stated in the Fees section in this Handbook and Calendar.

7.4 The staff of Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific (CROP) organisations may use the Library’s collection under a special arrangement managed by the organisation’s Librarian/Representative.

7.5 External Borrowers from organisations and institutions that do not have an MoA or MoU with the University shall pay an annual non-refundable fee at the rate stated in the Fees section in this Handbook and Calendar.

7.6 Visitors to university schools or departments should obtain a letter signed by the Dean of Faculty (or Campus Directors at the campus or centre libraries) guaranteeing that the Faculty/Campus Administration will pay any unpaid Library fines or charges accrued.

7.7 USP students not registered at Laucala Campus who wish to use the Laucala Campus Library collection shall pay an annual non-refundable fee at the rate stated in the Fees section in this Handbook and Calendar.


8.1 Presentation by a reader of a valid borrower’s card shall be sufficient proof of their entitlement to borrow from the Library. Registered students and staff shall show valid USP identity cards, and all other borrowers shall show the cards issued to them by the Library.


9.1 Most Library books or other items held by the Library shall be available for loan and exceptions shall be specifically labeled.

9.2 Books shall be issued to different categories of Library borrowers for varying periods.

9.3 On the recommendation of University academic staff, specific items may be issued for shorter periods.

9.4 Reserve collection books or other items shelved behind the issue desk shall be borrowed for reading within the Library only, and for such periods as specified on their issue slips. Some may be borrowed overnight or over weekends.

9.5 The following categories of books or other items held by the Library shall not be borrowed: serials, items in special collections, books in the Reference section, maps, works in microform (e.g. microfilm), and or other items held by the Library on the general shelves specifically labelled as being ‘for reference only’.


10.1 Readers shall borrow items held by the Library on production of a valid borrower’s card.

10.2 Each item borrowed shall be stamped at the issue desk with the due date. This stamp constitutes the official notification to the reader of the date by which the item must be returned.

10.3 An item must be returned at the appropriate issue desk or left in one of the book return bins.

10.4 The Library shall not be responsible for items that are returned without formal cancellation of their issue, whether the items are returned directly to the shelves or left anywhere else in the Library.

10.5 The loan and return of Library materials shall cease at the issue desk at a time specified by the Library. All readers must vacate the Library by closing time.


11.1 The University Librarian shall make, amend, or remove any rules relating to the Library.

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