Liaison Librarians

What Can Liaison Librarians Do to Assist You?

  • Teach Information Research Skills sessions in your subject area
  • Conduct staff training on library resources
  • Attend to specific research queries
  • Create and maintain subject guides on your subjects and courses
  • Assist with completion of the Library Section (Section B) of the New Course Proposal Form
  • Notify you about new library materials of interest to your teaching and research
  • Notify you about new e-resources, databases, OER’s or library services
  • Encourage participation in selection and de-selection of materials
(SAFE) Accounting, Finance and Economics Vasiti Chambers [Accounting, Finance, and Economics]
(SBM) Business and Management Gwen Rounds [Graduate School of Business]
Lorin Pai [Management and Public Administration and Land Management & Development]
Gwen Rounds [Tourism and Hospitality]
(STEMP) School of Information Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics Gyaneshwar Narayan [Computer Science, Information Systems, Mathematics and Statistic]
Gyaneshwar Narayan [Engineering and Physics]
(SAGEONS) Agriculture, Geography, Environment, Ocean and Natural Sciences Shirley Devi [Agriculture and Food Technology]
Susana Macanawai [Geography, Earth Science and Environment]
Susana Macanawai [Institute of Marine Resources (IMR) and Marine Studies]
Sushila Lal [Biological and Chemical Sciences]
(SoLaSS) Law and Government, Development & International Affairs & Social Sciences Vasiti Chambers [Law]
Lavenia Sau [History]
Elam Kafolea [Psychology]
Elam Kafolea [Sociology and Social Work]
Elam Kafolea [Youth, Pacific Policing]
Liviana Tabalala [Gender Studies]
Lorin Pai [Government Development & International Affairs]
(SPACE) Pacific Arts, Communication and Education Liviana Tabalala [Education]
Sushila Lal [Language and Literature]
Vasiti Chambers [Journalism and Media]
Gwen Rounds [Oceania Centre of Arts and Culture]
Institute of Education (IOE) Liviana Tabalala
EDUCARE Jade Moore
PACE-SD Susana Macanawai
Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS) Susana Macanawai
Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) Contact LL for school or department
Pacific TAFE Contact LL for school or department  


CAMPUS LIAISON LIBRARIANS (cc. Lorin Pai in correspondence)

Campus/ext Liaison Librarian Email
Cook Is/no ext Lorin Pai
Fiji/no ext Lorin Pai
Kiribati/40401 Elam Kafolea
Marshall Is./40801 Gyaneshwar Narayan
Nauru/40501 Gwen Rounds
Niue/41201 Vasiti Chambers
Samoa/40101 Shirley Devi 
Solomon Is/40201 Tony Dadalo
Tokelau/41101 Liaise with Senior Librarian Samoa Campus 
Tonga/40701 Susana Macanawai 
Tuvalu/40901 Sushila Lal
Vanuatu/40301 Lorin Pai (to liaise with Law Librarian)


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