What is it?

Many academic libraries operate an interlibrary loan or interlibrary request service.  This is where a borrower can ask their university library to borrow an item from another library on their behalf.  This happens when their university library doesn’t have that item.

If an item is available electronically e.g. a journal article we make a Document Delivery Service (DDS) request instead and the item is emailed to the member for them to keep, not borrow.

Who can apply for an ILL/DDS?

The Inter Library Loan (ILL) and Document Delivery Service (DDS) are available to

  1. University members – Students and staff of the University
  2. USP Campus Libraries – The item could either be interlibrary loan or intralibrary loan, this is where we borrow from one of our regional libraries.
  3. External borrowers – Members of the general public that register as External Borrowers
  4. Secondary school libraries in Fiji – Secondary school students in Fiji are not eligible to use the USP Laucala Campus Library but may access general collection items through this service via their school library.

How do I make an ILL request, how long will it take?

Select whether you want a journal article or other item (usually a book) and fill in the form with as much detail as possible about the item then hand it into the library.

Journal Article form Book, monograph or thesis form
PDF format PDF format

Bear in mind ILLs may have to be posted from another country usually Australia or New Zealand so we cannot give precise times.  Generally we advise they may take in the region of two weeks and you should plan this into your research time.


Interlibrary Loan materials are subject to educational use provisions of Fiji Copyright Act, 1999.

Conditions of Borrowing/Lending

All items obtained on ILL are subject to the conditions of the lending library, not the borrower’s library.


USP members:

Undergraduate Students F$FJD7.00 per request for the first five requests per semester. Minimum FJD$40.00 per request thereafter.
Academic Staff and Postgraduate Students Minimum FJD$40.00 per request. Pay cash or chargeable to departmental vote code.

Non-USP members

External Borrower 


Minimum FJD$40.00 per request. External borrower applying for an ILL must pay the $40.00 fee up front. This will be refunded if the item cannot be located.
Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP 


ILL fees do not apply for items held in the USPL network. 

Minimum FJD$40.00 per request for an ILL obtained from outside of the Region. $40.00 fee must be paid up front. This will be refunded if the item cannot be located.

Individuals may borrow in person from the USPL collection on the presentation of the USP/CROP borrower card as issued to their librarian and a letter from their librarian (or a staff ID card).

Secondary School Libraries in Fiji  


No fee for borrowing. 

Cost only associated with postage/delivery. The University will meet cost of postage to the school with return costs the responsibility of the school.

School library personnel or an officially assigned person to collect items from the Main Issue Desk.

Regional and International academic, national, public, school and special libraries
Within the Region 


Costs only associated with postage/delivery. The University will meet costs of postage to the requesting library. Return cost is the responsibility of the borrowing library.
International (non USP; non Regional) Borrowing costs inclusive of courier delivery.

Check the USP catalogue to identify titles for loan OR contact us on +679 3232012 /email interloan@usp.ac.fj to discuss subject of items needed.

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