USP Members

Membership requirements:

  • Individuals must fill out a library membership application card, available from the Information Desk
  • Supply photo identification
  • A passport size photograph
  • Prepayment is also required
Borrower Category Membership Period No. of items Loan period
USP Student Per Semester1 10 14 days
USP Postgraduate Student Per Academic Year 20 30 days
USP Staff Contract 20 90 days
Visiting Academic2 As specified 20 90 days

USP members can borrow 1 x course textbook for 2 hours.


  1. or duration of summer school
  2. Approval via letter or email from Faculty Dean


External Membership

Borrower Category Fee ($FJD) Membership Period No. of items Loan period
Visitor – Pacific collection, Laucala $30 1-10 consecutive days Reference only access
External borrower 1 $65 Five years 1 14 days
External borrower 5 $245 Five years 5 14 days
Alumni 1 $50 Five years 1 14 days
Alumni 5 $200 Five years 5 14 days
Institution3 One year 10 30 days


  1. All non-USP Libraries in the [USP] region. One card per library for Pacific Collection (Laucala) and Interlibrary Loan (ILL) use
  2. Secondary school students are not permitted to enter, use or join the library with the exception of Form 7 students who must be accompanied by a teacher.  The visit must be arranged in advance between the school principal and our Reader Services – Senior Library Assistant.  Visits cannot be made during study/exam weeks or mid-semester breaks.  If the arrangement is approved, the teacher may bring a group of up 10 students who may browse the general print collection within the time set.

Renewals, reservations. Fines and Fees

Online renewals

Provided your account has no outstanding fines and your books are not yet overdue you are able to renew your loans online.

The table below shows how many renewals you can make, depending upon your borrower type.

Students Five times
Staff and Post graduates Twice

There are a few exceptions to our renewals policy

Closed reserve items, laptops/headphones No renewals
Tablets Twice

The chart below shows how to do online renewals – note you will need the same log in details to place a reservation on an item.

Fines & Fees

To avoid being charged fines we advise you to return your items on time.  If you are unable to do this please contact the Reader Services Librarian – Services on as soon as possible to find out what to do next.

The library stamps or writes the due date on your items and in the case of general items we email a timely reminder before items are due advising borrowers to return or renew the item.  This is a courtesy and not a requirement on the library’s part.

General loan items
First day overdue FJD $1
Second day onwards FJD $0.50 per day
2hr loan items, Pacific Collection items FJD $1 per hour

Regional library users: contact campus/centre library for information on fines.


Lost or damaged items

Any items that are late by 30 days or more are classed as long overdue automatically marked as lost on our system.  At this point the current cost of the item plus a FJD$30 processing fee per item will be added to the borrower’s record.

If an item is lost or damaged (and not long overdue) again we charge the current cost of the item plus a FJD$30 processing fee per item.

Please try and resolve these issues as soon as they occur as a hold is placed on your student record.  This may prevent you from re-registering/graduating or accessing other USP services.



On each level of the Main Library the library has self-service MFD’s (multi-functional devices) that print, photocopy, or scan.  Prices are:

Size Black & White Colour Black & White        2 sided (per side) Colour 2 sided  (per side)
A4 $0.08 $0.20 $0.06 $0.18
A3 $0.15 $0.35 $0.10 $0.33

Printing top-up:

Log into your printing account and enter top-up cards here:

Library Photocopy Service

The library also has an in-house photocopy service if you would prefer we photocopy for you. This operates on weekdays only.

A4 black & white  $0.15 per side
A4 colour copy   $0.75 per side
A3 black & white $0.30 per side
A3 colour copy $1.50 per side


  • Complete a photocopy request form at the Main Issue Desk
  • Make the payment
    • Cash: made in person at the Main Issue Desk;
    • USP departmental vote code,
    • Bank cheque (local), payable to: USP Library.
  • There is a 2 hour turnaround time.  Anything submitted after 4 pm can be collected next morning.
  • Copying onto overhead transparencies $1


Non USP users: $1 per scanned page


A4 $1.50

A3 $3.50


Type of Binding


Charges ($FJD)

Full binding A4 size, gluing

to 2.5cm thick


gold printing


$2.10 per cm

$0.20 per letter

Full binding A4 size with velo,


to 2.5cm thick

> 2.5cm

gold printing


$2.10 per cm

$0.20 per letter

Full binding A5 size, gluing

to 2.5cm thick

> 2.5cm thick

gold printing


$2.10 per cm

$0.20 per letter

Full binding A5 size, sewing

to 2.5cm thick

> 2.5cm thick

gold printing


$2.10 per cm

$0.20 per letter

Stiffening, A4 size

to 2.5cm thick

> 2.5cm thick


$2.10 per cm

Stiffening, A5 size

to 2.5cm thick

>2.5cm thick


$2.10 per cm

Stiffening of paperback cover


Gluing, A4 size

to 2.5cm thick


Gluing, A4 size

without sewing

to 2.5cm thick

> 2.5cm thick


$2.10 per cm

Gluing, A5 size

to 2.5cm thick

>2.5cm thick


$2.10 per cm


Stapling & Stripping



Ring binding, A4 size

0.5cm ring width









plastic covers (front & back)

1 plastic cover (front) & 1 manila cover

2 manila covers





Repairing of loose pages (<10 p.)

wraparound sewing

wraparound gluing




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