ICT Business/Project Incubation Space

Designed to encourage and support ICT based pre-start and early start businesses/researches during the formative stages of their development, Japan-Pacific ICT Centre Incubation Space was made available in 2012 by the University of the South Pacific (USP) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Japan-Pacific ICT Centre Business/Project Incubation Space provides the perfect setting for fledgling businesses and researches, with advanced technology and resources on their doorstep. Being right in a hub of innovation is invaluable for businesses and researches in their formative stages. The Incubation Space is a dynamic, creative environment where clients can allow their business and research ideas to flourish.

Japan-Pacific ICT Centre Business/Project Incubation Space provides a high standard of office accommodation for businesses requiring a physical location.

Office units are available in sizes of 20m2 accommodating 1-2 people. Test-Bed facility is more than 120m2 and can be partitioned. These are suitable for businesses and projects at various stages of growth and provide businesses and projects with the opportunity to expand over time.

The incubation spaces are located at 2nd floor of Japan-Pacific ICT Centre Building-B. The space is physically secured from the rest of the ICT Centre facilities and 24hrs/7days separately accessible with card/number lock system.

Being located in such close proximity to USP provides business and project clients with many benefits, including access to the University’s technical facilities to help drive your business or project forward.

Japan-Pacific ICT Centre Incubation Business/Project Space is always ready to hear from entrepreneurs, and much as though spaces in the centre are in high demand, we do our best to accommodate those who fit our criteria

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