Japan Pacific ICT Centre - Multipurpose Theatre - Laucala Campus

The Multipurpose Theater located in the Japan Pacific ICT Centre on Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji is a state of the art performance space gifted to the University and the region by the Government and the people of Japan.

Mission Statement

The Multipurpose Theater is committed to the enhancement and support of the link between ICT and the arts and culture, music and dance. The dedicated spaces, services, and opportunities for student and staff involvement and community engagement in the Multipurpose Theater will promote this vision.


The Multipurpose Theater is a functional space, well suited to medium-scale events and performances accommodating 307 persons. The stage, set against a backdrop of theatrical velour curtains, film screens, and state of the art technologies and lighting system is perfect for solo or group performances. The staging is designed specially to accommodate events requiring open floor space. The Multipurpose Theater is also ideal for conferences, lectures and films

The Multipurpose Theater includes in-house media and full stage lighting systems with variable presets ranging from focused spotlights sophisticated theatrical lighting system focused on the stage with a control room, from which users can select a variety of lighting options. The media system includes a variety of devices, including microphones, laptops, HD video players, high definition RGB component video inputs and auxiliary devices such as an iPod or other music devices.

Guidelines on the Use of Multipurpose Theatre Facilities

Eligibility Criteria for the use of Japan Pacific ICT Centre – Multipurpose Theatre

The Multipurpose Theatre is a facility that will be made available to groups that will advance learning, teaching and student life of the University. Priority will be given, without charge, to OCACPS and its performances.

The University of the South Pacific Council and its committees and working groups, Government Ministries, Development partners and University groups are eligible to use the facility without charge.

All other organizations, businesses and industry and other groups including regional organizations will be charged a fee for use.

USP reserves the right to decline an application, and if necessary, reassign to other facilities within the University to assure the most efficient and appropriate use of facilities.

For all use, an official application must be made and pending availability and the group meeting the Terms and Conditions of Use, approval for use will be given.

The applications submitted by other organisations would be considered on case-by case basis. The activity has to be in the public interest. It must not contravene the laws of Fiji nor disturb the public peace and should not be held for any commercial purposes

Facilities are reserved in the order in which requests are received, with consideration given to the size of the group and importance of the activity.

Notwithstanding any part of this policy, the Vice Chancellor and President may allow and disallow the use of this facility to any group or groups.

  • The person in-charge of the organization/association should make an application by mail, email or by fax to the office of the Director IT Services, University of the South Pacific.
  • To facilitate the processing of the application, the applicant is required to return the duly completed application form with signature of the main Office-bearers of the Organisation/association and stating the co-orgnaniser, if any.  It is necessary to specify the co-orgnaniser, if any, the purpose, programme together with the budget of the proposed activities.
  • The applicant should submit evidence preferably Certificate of Registration of Society issued by a recognised body.
  • The applicant should submit, at least 60 days prior to the proposed date activity, a completed application form to the office of the Director IT Services, University of the South Pacific and specify the co-organiser, if any.  Any addition or change of the co-organiser as set out in the application form is not permitted without prior approval.
  • The application will be processed accordingly to the priority set in (3) on the working day of the month.  All applications will be processed on “First Come First Serve” basis.

Monday to Sunday

  • AM Sessions: 9:00am – 1.00pm
  • PM sessions: 2:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Night session: 6:00pm – 10.00pm

Applications for long-term use

Generally, each applicant/organisation could apply at the most 3 sessions per week.  The applicant can submit applications according to the priority requirement as stated in (3).

If the applicant wishes to continue the hire after the hiring period, they must submit a new application.  Approval will only be subject to availability and approval by USP.

Rates of charges for Use of Japan Pacific ICT Centre – Multipurpose Theatre are provided below. These charges must be paid before the premises will be available for us.

Facility Rate/Hour FJD

Organizations, NGOs, Schools, other institutions and universities

Rate/Hour FJD

Corporates and Industry

Basic Hall 500.00 800.00 Total 307 fixed-folding chairs. Chairs provided. Additional 4 spaces available for Peoples with disability.

USP will provide a technician during the duration of the programme

With air-conditioning 200.00 300.00 USP will provide a technician during the duration of the programme
Full stage lighting facility 300.00 400.00 USP will provide a technician during the duration of the programme
Use of Internet 100.00 200.00 Technician will be available
Cleaning 100.00 100.00 Charge for cleaners
Security 30.00 30.00 Charge is for one person per hour
Use of Kitchen 100.00 150.00 Kitchen and area for tea and reception

The applicant should follow the regulations and conditions stated herein. Complying and agreement to these conditions is required prior to approval of use.

  • The applicant should present the confirmation letter from USP to the officer-in-charge before scheduled activities can commence.
  • The applicant can submit, at least two weeks in advance, the Notification of cancellation of the hire of venue to officer-in-charge – University of the South Pacific and state the reasons.  Necessary action will be taken to refund any payment already made on production of receipt.  Any organisation that has a record of canceling its use of community hall temporarily three times and without any reasonable explanation will be suspended from hire of community hall for one a year.
  • If the venue has to be reserved for USP departmental use and under emergency relief arrangements, the officer-in-charge – University of the South Pacific Office has the right to cancel the application already approved and the applicant/ organization concerned will be informed as soon as possible.  Any payment made will be refunded on production of receipt.
  • If an applicant fails to turn up without the notification required, any amount paid will be forfeited.
  • The University has the right to refuse any application without giving a reason.
  • The consumption of food and drink is prohibited.
  • The consumption of liquor is prohibited
  • Should there be any changes to the details of item as listed in the application form, the applicant should submit, two weeks in advance, a notification to , the officer-in-charge – University of the South Pacific Office and give explanation for such changes.  The officer-in-charge – University of the South Pacific Office reserves the right of whether to accept the changes or not.  It also reserves the right to withdraw the approval on the booking of the Japan Pacific ICT Centre – Multipurpose Theatre or its facilities.
  • Any addition or change of the co-organiser as set out in the application form is not permitted without prior approval.
  • The applicant must not let other organization or another unit of the same organization use the venue in private, or else its right to use the facilities will be revoked by the officer-in-charge – University of the South Pacific Office at once.  The applicant has to undertake that it would abide by this rule when it submits the applicant for hire of venue in future.  The application for hire of venue submitted by the applicant may not be accepted if it has failed to comply with the rule more than once. Willful or careless damage to University property or equipment shall necessitate a replacement and/or repair charge. The applicant shall be responsible for the actions of all participants.
  • The University may prohibit or halt any activity which in its opinion is objectionable, dangerous, dangerous, unlawful, infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties or which is potentially detrimental to USP’s reputation and may close the venue accordingly.
  • A representative of the organisation/association must remain in the facility until the event is completed and everyone (including caterers, entertainers, media personnel, etc.) has vacated the premises. Overtime charges will be assessed when individuals remain in facilities beyond scheduled times.
  • Users and their representatives must comply with all University regulations and guidelines, and all local, state laws.
  • All facilities on the University of the South Pacific campuses are smoke free.

    5 May 2012

Please download the following documents.  Fill in the application form and read the Terms and Conditions before submitting the completed form to USP.

Application Form (Download) (size: 485KB)

Terms and Conditions of Use to Accompany Application Form ( Download ) (size: 423KB)

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