How to identify the best career option available to you

1.  You must first of all register with the USP Career Center by filling in a USP Career Form and a Career Counseling Worksheet.

2. Identify with the USP Career Center on any possible openings and vacancies that will match you skills, interests and subject majors.

3.  Try to read the newspapers and other multimedia which may have openings and vacancies.

4.  Log onto and access the many job vacancies that are uploaded on a daily basis.

5.  Try to attend employer presentations that are normally arranged through your own faculties and Career Workshops that will organized by the USP Career Center from time to time.

6.   Try to make contact with the USP Alumni Network. The USP Alumni Network has a network of USP students who work full time and have other contacts in their various organizations in terms of job openings.

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