Sample Interview Questions

Sample Interview questions are probable questions that are normally taken through the Mock Interview process between the Career Counselor and the student. As such not all questions are the same throughout because there are different questions for different jobs. However there are sample introductory questions which are always asked by the panel of interviewers which would normally begin an interview session. Some questions that are normally asked by the panel are;

•    Please introduce yourself as the panel would like to know a little information about yourself
•    What are 3 principle accountabilities of the post that you are applying for?
•    What is the Vision and Mission of the Organization?
•    They probably ask you about your skills and competencies in relation to the vacancy in question.
•    What makes you the best person for the job or why should we hire you?
•    They would probably ask you how innovative you are and whether you can bring in new changes to the organization.
•    If it is a government vacancy they probably ask you about government reforms in the civil service and questions on the Peoples Charter.

Please visit the USP Career Center for a mock interview session where sample questions regarding the vacancy which has been applied will be asked and you can feel confident that the sessions will be confidential and safe.

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