Making Decisions regarding your Career

This is perhaps the most important decisions of your life that which concerns the best career choice for you. It is such a rewarding experience to finally note that those years of study has finally paid off and that the best career of your choice is finally there. So making a decision about choosing a career is significantly important as it will have a greater impact on your life as an individual.

1.   When you enter USP for the first time it is usually difficult to choose the best study programs for you. So please choose a subject major which will enhance the best interest that you have.

2. It is always important to do a little research on what types of jobs are available in the employment market .When you know the best jobs in the market that you can consult an Academic Counselor who will assist you in choosing the best academic program for you.

3.   You must also try to develop a very good understanding of yourself. Identify your skills whether you have done some voluntary work. Look at some of your values, competencies, your personal qualities, and your strengths and weaknesses. Remember these attributes can become your assets which you have built and accumulated through the years and which can be used in your full time paid employment.

4.  Try to devise a career plan and work towards achieving this plan. Remember when you have a career plan, it shows that you are well organized and make sure that you plan is realistic and achievable.

5.  Most students often think about furthering their education by advancing further and doing an advance degree program before settling down and finding full time work. Think of the consequences of your decisions and how it will affect you in the long term. Please weigh your options when deciding on the best career choices for you.

6.  If you have any doubts please visit the USP Career and Service Center and speak to the USP Career Counselor who will advise you on the best career options for you.

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