Successful Job Interviews

An interview for a job is probably another step for a dream come true in terms of your securing yourself full time employment. It is very scary if you are attending an interview for the very first time and it also can become a rewarding experience if you have prepared well for the interview. There are however few steps to follow in order that your interview becomes a successful and rewarding experience.

•    Before the interview it is always best to do a little research on the organization and try to find as much information as possible. What is the Vision and Mission of the Organization? Fund out about the history of the organization and what is primary role and function and every other information that is required. This will greatly assist you during the interview.
•    Try and look at the job vacancy and learn the principle accountabilities of the post which you are applying for. They will probably ask you a question on what the vacancy is about.
•    Visit the USP Career Center for a little mock interview exercise that will make you confident during the interview particularly on the probable questions for you to expect during the interview.
•    Try to check the location and time of the interview. A lot of people attending interview do not even know the address of the organization and arrive late for the interview because they did not check for the time and date and address of the organization. When that happens remember it is a minus for you because you have not been punctual to the interview.
•    Prepare yourself well before the interview and recite words, do a little demonstration with your friends and let them assess you and how you present yourself. This will greatly boost your self-confidence and improve on your self morale.
•    Go through you CV and look at all the positive attributes that you have particularly those real life experiences that will relate to your job. Think about being articulate and precise even before the interview and try to go through all your facts and figures and prepare well. Always try to be confident and be positive because you know that is job is yours.
•    Have an early night sleep; this will really replenish you before the interview.

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