Mock Interview

A mock interview is an exercise that is normally conducted before a full interview is done on a person who has applied for a job. There are many benefits of a mock interview.

•    The person is confident because he is taken through a mock interview where person asking the questions will also be evaluating on the performance of the person.
•    The interviewee is taken through the process on a one to one basis and probable questions are being asked.
•    The person assisted during a mock interview is encouraged to become articulate and to present himself as clearly and precisely during the interview.
•    The person in the mock interview is taken the process before the interview, during the interview and after the interview.
•    A mock Interview is always very rewarding for the student because it boosts his self- morale and improves on his self- esteem during which is also given the opportunity to express himself fully by asking question and preparing himself very well during the interview.
•    Please visit the USP Career Centre of a Mock Interview Session before your final interview.

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