Words to use in your CV

A CV is an important tool which you can use when applying for a job. So it is important that the best words are used in the preparation of this important package of information which is your CV.

1.  Here are some words which depict your communication skills

·      Corresponded, distributed, edited informed, presented, recommended, referred, related, promoted.

2.  Some words which may show that you have leadership skills

·     Evaluated, supervised, selected, executed, managed, stipulated, delegated, discharged, led, designated

3. Some words which may show that you have organizational skills

·        Analyzed, planned, coordinated, recorded, organized, reported, calculated

4.  These are some words which you can use to show that you are results orientated

·  Accomplished, completed, predicted, eliminated, produced, prevented, advanced,

5.  You can still use other words for your CV but you must remember that powerful words when you used in the right context makes your CV document stronger and marketable.

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