Internship Placements and Attachments

Completing University studies is a culmination of period of hard work and has always been a demanding period for any student. In order that students are able to have complete their degree, an attachment or placement where students have do a practical side of their degree is imperative. There are some very good benefits which are listed below for your information;

•    Internship and attachments greatly assist a student in utilizing the theoretical work through practical attachment.
•    The skills are enhanced and they are able to advance further by complementing their existing skills with the new skills they have learnt during their course of their placement or attachment programs.
•    Some students have not tried a working environment before and being exposed in a working environment will have a lasting experience for them.
•    The skills learnt will also assist them in improving their CV and other relevant information for their personal benefit.

Please visit the USP Career Centre for any Placement or Attachment Opportunity that may arise from organization willing to accept attachees.

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