Tips for completing Job Application

Writing that job application has always been a difficult thing to do because it will require you to write a letter of application and choosing the best words that will really depict your intention for the Career of your choice. Some tips to follow are laid out below.

  1. Your application letter should generally take 1 page and should contain short sentences. Remember longer sentences will get you in trouble with grammar and other mistakes associated with writing long sentences.
  2. Please spend time researching the vacancy before setting out to write your application letter. The reason is simple, your letter should address the basic requirements of the vacancy.
  3. You can generally start with a little introduction of yourself and try to relate you skills and competencies to the requirements of the vacancy. Most people just write a generic letter that they have probably downloaded from the internet. Your letter should be relevant to the vacancy.
  4. Remember you are marketing yourself as the best possible candidate please do not say anything that may be negative which can cost you of losing your chances of getting the job.
  5. Please if you are writing and not typing your application, always try to write clearly and be specific with your explanations. Please not leave any blanks in your application letter or open ended questions for the employer to answer.
  6. Learn to be truthful in your explanations and capture as much information as possible from your CV. Remember your application letter should co-relate with you CV.
  7. Please include suitable references together with your CV or Resume together with your relevant certificates with other supporting documents when you submit your job application letter.
  8. Please visit the USP Career Center for tips in writing job application letters.
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